Premium Concrete Fixing Kit - for Base Plated Posts and Sliding Gate Stops

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4 pack of 'Premium Stainless Steel' Threaded Rods 120mm x 10mm with nuts and washers. (Great Value!) These are the ultimate and strongest solution for fixing our bolt down/base plated fence posts and also for fixing Sliding Gate Stops. 


Rods need to be glued into the concrete with a chemical anchor. We stock this product at some of our warehouses - High Performance Chemical Anchor for Stainless Steel Threaded Rods

If you ever get stuck, these similar products can be used from Bunnings:

Summary of how to install threaded rods with our high performance chemical anchor glue. (Soudafix CA 1400).

(1) Hole size is 12 mm: Drill a 12 mm diameter hole for a 10 mm rod. (This allows space for the glue around the rod).

(2) Ideal Hole depth is 105 mm: This depth is needed so you don't need to shorten your rod length size... HOWEVER if you slap is thinner than this, then you will just need to drill a hole to the maximum depth possible (and the rods will all need to be cut to size before installing). Avoid drilling your hole all the way through to the bottom of the slab. (The aim is to always finish the drill hole 5 mm before bottom of the concrete slab). Note: The recommended depth for maximum strength is 90 mm.

(3) Use a proper hammer drill and drill bit.  When going through ties do not use the hammer function. 

(4) Hole must be completely cleaned of loose dust. Clean hole using compressed air/ air pump and a round brush.

(5) Fill hole with Glue: Fill from the bottom of the hole up to the top.

(6) Push AND twist rods into holes: Position spigot in place after the holes have been filled with glue. Then twist and push the rods through the spigot base plate holes. Insert rod with twisting left-right motion. Fit washer and wait for the glue to fully cure before tightening.

(5) Start of Curing Time is Quick: Depending on the temperature of the day!!
5°C - 25 min, Full Cure is 120 min; 10°C - 15 min, Full Cure is 80 min; 20°C - 6 min, Full Cure is 45 min, 30°C - 4min, Full Cure 25 min; 35°C - 2 min!, Full Cure is 20 min. 

Go here for full manufacturer safety and technical information: (Soudafix CA 1400)

Here is the manufacturers instructions from the technical data sheet (download):

Application method: standard caulking gun (preferably of good quality) Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C Clean: Before cure: wipe off excess product and clean afterwards with white spirit or acetone After cure: it is recommended to let the product fully cure, so that it can easily be removed mechanically with hammer and chisel. Repair: with the same material Safety recommendations: Apply the usual industrial hygiene precautions. Only use in well ventilated spaces. Consult the label for more information. Remarks: There is a risk of staining on porous substrates such as natural stone. On such substrates a preliminary compatibility test is recommended. Instructions for use: - Drill hole at recommended depth - Clean drill hole with brush and air pump thoroughly. - Screw static mixer onto cartridge - Dispense the first 10 cm of the product to waste (on piece of cardboard) until an even colour (medium grey) is achieved, and the product is well mixed Solid stone: fill the drill hole from the bottom up. Insert anchoring rod with twisting left-right motion - Inspect the drill hole for adequate filling - Observe hardening time. Don’t move the anchoring rod during curing - Leave the excess of product to cure as well. Remove it mechanically with hammer and chisel once cured - Install component, applying the right torque.

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Fence Guru '100% Professional Quality' Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty! (Subject to warranty conditions - see clause 19.1 of our terms and conditions).
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