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Grout For Core Drilled Spigots

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PLEASE NOTE: A 20kg bag of grout does approximately 20 x spigots or 20 x 50x50mm fence posts - when using a standard 76mm diameter core drill at 110mm deep. (Core hole can be 80mm to 110mm deep).

20kg bag of Bostik Grout - Grout for fence posts and core drilled glass spigots. This is a high performance, high strength, rapid setting, class 'C' non-shrink cementitious grout.

  • This is a special grout that must be used for grouting stainless steel spigots into core drilled holes, for glass pool fencing and glass balustrading.

  • Perfect for grouting aluminium and steel fence posts into core drilled holes in concrete.

  • Dual expansion compensates for shrinkage in the hardened state.

  • Rapid strength gain and setting allow for quick and easy installation of aluminium pool fence posts and stainless steel glass spigots into core drilled holes.

  • Ready to use, pre-mixed, requires only the addition of water.

  • No metallic iron content to cause staining.

  • Lower water/cement ratio reduces drying shrinkage, increases durability and reduces permeability.


Fence Guru Trade Tips for Bostik Grout:

  • Grout must be mixed with a drill and mixing wand. (Not hand mixed).

  • Weigh grout and measure water carefully as per instructions on bag. 

  • Grout will set quick, so mix in small batches.

  • Use plastic watering can or similar to carefully pour in core drilled holes.

  • Do not add extra water during mixing process.  


General Manufactures Features of Bostik Grout:

 Dual expansion compensates for shrinkage in the plastic and hardened state Rapid strength gain facilitates for rapid installation and operation of plant within matter of 2 hours Ready to use, pre-mixed, requires only the addition of water Can be mixed for stiff, plastic, flowable or fluid application No metallic iron content to cause staining Lower water/cement ratio reduces drying shrinkage, increases durability and reduces permeability

Recommended Uses:

 Precision grouting where rapid setting is required. Cementitious grouting where particular application requires rapid setting Critical equipment base plates Heavy duty support beneath machine base plates Bridge bearing and crane rails Anchoring bolts, bars and fittings Under pinning Applications subject to continuous vibrations and dynamic loads


In our experience this grout is the best value grout for fence posts and glass spigots on the market!


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Fence Guru '100% Professional Quality' Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty! (Subject to our standard warranty conditions - see section 19 of our terms and conditions).
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