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Standard Gate Kit - 1000mm wide gate hinge/support panel + 900mm* wide gate (Covers 1.9m approx.)

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  • Standard Gate Kit  - 1000mm wide gate hinge/support panel + 900mm* wide gate (Covers 1.9m approx.)
  • Standard Gate Kit - 1000mm wide gate hinge/support panel + 900mm* wide gate
  • Standard Gate Kit  - 1000mm wide gate hinge/support panel + 900mm* wide gate (Covers 1.9m approx.)
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Premium Polaris Soft Close Hinge + Heavy Duty Polaris Gate and Hinge Panel - is it worth the extra $300-400?

Nothing seems to annoy pool owners more than a rattling gate that slams shut behind their kids! The Polaris Soft Close Hinges offer a very safe solution to the problem.
Polaris have developed a fully compliant heavy duty hinge that automatically swings a gate shut when left open, and carefully closes without a sound.
The "Soft Close" technology is unique in its quality.
Polaris Soft Close Hinges have won awards in 2010 and then again in 2016 for their incredible design, so you know that your money is being well spent when choosing this upgrade.
This is the safest and quietest pool gate option available!

FenceGuru™ Standard Gate Kit is EASY for DIY installation:

To make the hinges easy to fit; both the gate hinge/support panel and the glass gate have pre-drilled holes to suit the installation of the self closing stainless steel hinges.
The latch we supply is a friction fit so that the latch can be attached to the side of any standard 12mm glass panel.
The glass gate is made from 8mm glass because it is important to minimise the weight of a self closing glass gate.
The glass gate hinge/support panel is made from 12mm clear toughened glass to match the other standard glass panels.

Kit Includes:
1 x Frameless Glass gate hinge/support panel (12mm thick) 1.2m high x 1000mm wide. 1 x 890 or 900mm* wide gate with stainless steel self closing hinges and a friction fit side pull magnetic latch. Note: You will need to order 2 x Spigots for the Gate panel. These are not included in the kit.
*There is a 10mm variance in the glass gate size in different states - always measure before set out. Gate is 1200mm high.

FenceGuru™ quality assurance:
Our glass panels and stainless spigots are supplied by National Australian Companies, who guarantee full compliance with Australian standards, (AS1926.1) and who also provide compliance certificates.

FenceGuru™ glass panels:
Our clear toughened glass panels are 12mm thick and are made to Australian Standards. All glass panel edges and corners are beautifully polished and bevelled for the safest and best possible look.

Gate recommended gaps:
The gate requires approximately 10mm gap on each side. (between the panel it is hinging from and the standard panel it is latching to). To fine tune the gate opening, simply move the panel that the gate is latching to by loosening the Allen key screws on the spigots.

Recommended gaps for standard panels:
We recommend that the gap between each standard glass panel be between 20 to 60mm. At the start and finish of each length, also leave a gap of 20 to 60mm. The gap under the glass is normally around 50mm.

Stainless steel maintenance:
Clean stainless steel regularly using a mild detergent and a soft brush to remove the build up of dirt, grime and salt deposits etc. Wash with a mild detergent and then rinse off with fresh water. Do not use heavy duty cleaners or strong household cleaner or solvents. Never use hydrochloric acid to clean stainless steel or cleaners that are acidic or alcohol based. Please note: if you are in a highly corrosive environment and choose not to regularly clean your stainless steel components you may get tea staining/discolouration on your stainless steel products.

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Warranty Information

Fence Guru '100% Professional Quality' Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty! (Subject to our standard warranty conditions - see section 19 of our terms and conditions).
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