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Very-Clear Glass

Premium Face Mounted Spigot - 2205 Stainless Steel

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Polished, Satin or Matt Black
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  • Premium Face Mounted Spigot - 2205 Stainless Steel - Polished Finish
  • Premium Face Mounted Spigot Specifications
  • Premium Face Mounted Spigot - 2205 Stainless Steel - Matt Black Finish
  • Premium Face Mounted Spigot - 2205 Stainless Steel - Satin Finish
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1 x Premium (Professional Quality) 2205 Stainless Steel Face Mount Spigot. Has internal plate with 2 holes for fixing.

Please note - to fix this product to a concrete wall, we recommend using M12x120mm Threaded Rod for use with Premium Face Mounted Spigots - 2 Required Per Spigot. You will need 2 of these per spigot.

About our premium stainless steel spigots:

  • Extra strong - We insist on using 2205 duplex stainless steel - 2205 Stainless Steel is far superior in strength to standard marine grade 316 and 316L stainless steel. 
  • Amazing corrosion resistance - 2205 Stainless achieves almost twice the corrosion resistance to ordinary 316. This is due to added levels of Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum and Nitrogen. 2205 stainless steel is commonly used in harsh marine environments.
  • Highly polished - is the icing on the cake... that when combined with our 2205 grade stainless steel makes our spigots very resistant to pitting and corrosion. The high polished surface means that corrosive elements cannot easily get a foot hold on the surface of the spigot. 
  • Great tea staining resistance - tea staining is a cosmetic discolouration of the surface of stainless steel that can occur in highly corrosive environments. 2205 stainless steel that is highly polished is very resistant to tea staining. 
  • Easy adjustmentThe spigots are a 'friction fit' which allows for easy adjustment and is great for DIY installation.

FenceGuru™ glass pool fencing system is EASY for DIY installation: 
There are no bolt holes in the glass panel... meaning that the spigots are not required to be fitted to the glass panel in an exact position - this allows for easy adjustment. The spigots are a 'friction fit' meaning that the spigots are clamped tightly to the glass with two Allen key screws on the back of the spigot. The screws push a pressure plate hard onto the glass panel and firmly clamp it into place. If you need to move a panel slightly, or completely remove a panel for any reason, you can simply loosen the Allen key screws. The ability to slightly move a panel is so important, especially when it comes to fine tuning the opening for your glass gate and also for fine tuning the gaps between your glass panels. 

FenceGuru™ quality assurance:
Our glass panels and stainless spigots are supplied by National Australian Companies, who guarantee full compliance with Australian standards, (AS1926.1) and who also provide compliance certificates. 

Recommended gaps:
e recommend that the gap between each glass panel be between 20 to 60mm. At the start and finish of each length also leave a gap of 20 to 60mm. Gap under the glass is normally around 50mm. 

Stainless steel maintenance:
Clean stainless steel regularly using a mild detergent and a soft brush to remove the build up of dirt, grime and salt deposits etc. Wash with a mild detergent and then rinse off with fresh water. Do not use heavy duty cleaners or strong household cleaner or solvents. Never use hydrochloric acid to clean stainless steel or cleaners that are acidic or alcohol based. Please note: if you are in a highly corrosive environment and choose not to regularly clean your stainless steel components you may get tea staining/discolouration on your stainless steel products. 

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Warranty Information

Fence Guru '100% Professional Quality' Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty! (Subject to our standard warranty conditions - see section 19 of our terms and conditions).
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